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Valentine’s Day 2007

By February 14, 200716 Comments

So I decided I’m gonna start a new blog. Fresh start. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I guess it went as well for me as it could for any single guy. I went kinda overboard this year buying chocolate, cards, and even balloons for friends, but hey it was fun. To be quite honest, I did all my shopping at God’s greatest gift to those who have difficulty parting with their money, Dollar Tree! That place is amazing, gotta say. Anyway, back to my day.

In Gallagher’s class, we took a test. He knows half the class cheats on every assessment he’s ever given in there that’s online, but he thought he’d try to outsmart all of us today. After we took the online test, he stood at the front of the room and informed us that he could see who was switching between two or more windows during the test and cheating because the software on the website recorded it, and that he’d be having conferences with five offending people. So he called me up to the front of the room and whispered what was really going on. He told me he had given everyone in the class a zero on the test, and he was hoping to separate the bad apples from the good. How? He figured the people who cheated wouldn’t own up to it and question why they had a zero, but those who legitimately took it would ask why they had that grade. Clever, eh? Not really. By the end of the day, through this wondrous thing called verbal communication, 95% of the class realized everyone had a zero, cheater or not, and he couldn’t really monitor who had multiple windows open. Anyway, I thought that was funny. I don’t think he even really cares all that much about cheating, he just wanted to see if he could outsmart us for once.

So tonight Younglife started back up. It was about time. I wanted to go out to eat beforehand, so I called Monica to see if she wanted to grab a quick bite. She did, and we just ended up at Starbucks since I decided to eat after Club at Chick-Fil-A. What I didn’t know was that she was supposed to go to dinner with Joe and didn’t want to, but she was out with me instead. So as soon as we get there, he calls and she has to make up a random excuse why she couldn’t hang out and convince him that she’s really at home amidst the sound of the deafening coffee grinder in the background that of course didn’t start until she answered the phone. So she pulled that one off somehow, but not for long. As soon as we pulled up to David’s house for Club, sure enough there was Joe, standing right across from where I parked waiting for her so they could walk in together. She ducked down and got in the floor in the passenger side of my car and told me to go in first so he didn’t know she was with me. I went in and left the keys with her and she hid out for a bit longer hoping he’d give up and go inside. He didn’t. She finally gave up and got out of the car, and they stood out there having some sort of argument about it. Enough drama for one night? Of course not!

The fun continued when I invited Winston and Lizzy to Club. They didn’t know where it was even though I gave them the two-step directions that were plain as day. So they started calling me once it had already started, so I couldn’t really answer my phone. Between the two of them they made 25 calls and left 7 voicemails on my phone. I opened it a couple of times and whispered that I couldn’t talk, but I don’t think they heard me. Anyway, everything got cleared up in the end after I called them back between leaving there and going to Chick-Fil-A.
It amazes me how crazy today was considering I don’t even have a girlfriend. Don’t even want to think about how much more that would have complicated things. But all in all, not a bad day.

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