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A Whole Lot Of Nothing

By February 15, 2007No Comments

So today was good. As the title implies, I did a whole lot, but nothing very productive, if that makes any sense at all. I basically did nothing academic whatsoever at school today, and I was spacing out all the while. It’s a good thing I wasn’t on the news this morning, because I’m kind of stone-faced on there as it is. It’s hard to look normal when you’re reading that teleprompter. Everyone tells me I read the announcements really well, but I still look kinda dead. But, they told me I’m getting better at it. Anyway I digress. Here’s how my day went.

I picked up Winston and we went to breakfast at Satterwhite’s before school. It’s out in Goochland near Bogey’s, and I hadn’t been since last year. The place has changed hands again, but the food’s just as good as ever. We both got pancakes, but I got bacon and hash browns with mine. I love breakfast, but I hate the after effects of eating big ones. I basically wanted to do nothing the rest of the morning or day at school. I wasn’t really tired, just extremely lazy. I stayed in the newsroom all of first block messing around on the computer and finishing a new intro for the morning announcements, went to the Medford basketball game in government and did no work, and, as usual, did nothing in biology fifth block. Gallagher did change our grades back from the zeros I wrote about yesterday, though, but only because he got what he wanted- four people owned up to cheating on the test.

I went to Mr. Deep Run practice, reluctantly, during extended study again. I’m really liking the whole notion of competing in this thing less and less. We have to do three dances for the opening number: “Living La Vida Loca,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and “Senorita.” I can’t dance worth anything. Scratch that, I look like some kind of epilepsy patient when I attempt to dance. Anywho, We’re through learning the first one and starting the second. I don’t even know what I’m doing for my talent anymore, though. I thought I wanted to stand up comedy, but it’s hard to pull that off and actually make it decently funny. I’m working on throwing something like that together if I can, and I mean I can make people laugh, but most of the humorous stuff I say would offend too many people in a school setting to do on stage. It’s all up in the air as of now.

In photography at the end of the day, I did more of nothing. Talked to Sarah and Riley for a while at my table, then worked on that video some more. Then I helped Mr. Gross throw some sheet rock up on the wall in the news room so we can do green screen effects like they do on the weather, where you paint the wall green and put a computer image up behind you. After that I took Winston home and then went to take my Nana and Grandpa some Valentine’s Day stuff with my dad and sister, then went to Panera for dinner.

Tomorrow’s Friday! Should be a good weekend… it’s a three-dayer!

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