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"Music And Lyrics"

By February 17, 2007No Comments

What a day yesterday. I’m pretty sure I completely bombed a quiz in math, but it didn’t even bother me because of the prospect of the upcoming three day weekend, and the fact that it won’t hurt my grade that much. Yearbook was fun as usual, minus the fun part. Sat around and edited senior section stuff and then wandered the halls doing not much of anything.

In Gallagher’s class I left and went downstairs to find Mr. Gross to put up more sheetrock for the green screen in the newsroom. He wasn’t in there, so I went and ate lunch with Jenn, Winston, and Lizzy. I basically had two lunch periods yesterday.

I went and hung out with Alex, Jen, and Allie in extended study in an attempt to avoid Mr. Deep Run practice at all costs. I think I’m dropping out of it. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous. I can’t get any of the dance steps and Alex made me realize that it’s not worth working really hard to embarrass yourself… I mean there are a lot easier ways to do that than being in a school production that eats up the only free time you have during the day at school for three weeks straight. I’m gonna make a final decision about it Tuesday, though.

After school, I rode home with Jen and we went by her house, then my house, then went to Panera and got soup in bread bowls. Nothing better than that on a cold winter day. Afterwards we headed to the mall to search for birthday presents for her mom and two brothers. Funny thing though, everywhere we went, Jen got a gift for herself too. Strange how that happens. Then we went and bought movie tickets and walked back in the bitter cold to Circuit City in an effort not to lose our parking spot right in front of the entrance to the theater. Parking spots are insanely hard to get a hand on up there as you probably well know.

So we headed back to the theater and saw “Music And Lyrics.” It was really, really good. I thought it was going to be an all-out chick flick, but it was so funny. Hugh Grant plays an 80’s “has been” singer from the fictional band “PoP.” Drew Barrymore plays his plant-watering girl turned lyricist. Best movie I’ve seen in a while… really entertaining. The song that plays in the beginning is supposed to resemble a song the band released in the 80’s. It’s called “Pop! Goes My Heart” and it’s really catchy. The dancing’s hilarious and the song will be stuck in your head for days. Go see this movie!

We went to Taco Bell afterwards and saw a bunch of people from school there randomly, then took the hike across the parking lot to Wal-Mart to look for more birthday presents. That place is creepy late at night.

Today I’m headed to Charlottesville again with the family to stay at Dave and Sue’s house. I’ll be back tomorrow morning.

As a side note, I’m starting my own podcast hopefully this week. It will be downloadable from the Podcast Directory in the iTunes Music Store when I get it up and running. I need a catchy name for it, somehow incorporating my name. If anyone has ideas, send them on. If I like yours, I’ll reward you somehow… maybe buy you Starbucks or something of the sort. I’ll publish a separate post about the podcast later this weekend with more details. I’m pretty excited about it!

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