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Three Days Of Food, Food, Food

By February 20, 2007No Comments

I know it’s a paradox, but my weekend was really full, but also pretty stress-free and relaxing at the same time. Here’s how it went down.

On Saturday morning, I headed up to Charlottesville with the family. We hung out at the house and I fell asleep on the couch, which is saying something, because I never, ever, ever fall asleep during the day unless I have the flu or something pretty bad. But no, I wasn’t sick, just really, really tired. Woke up an hour later and never felt better, though. Anyway, for dinner we went to this really cool little seafood place. Had to wait forever to get in, but it was worth it. I got some kind of tortellini with scallops in it. It was amazing. Sunday morning brought more great food. Had the best pancakes ever in this little place in Orange on the way home.

Enough with the food, though. When I got home, Jenn came over and I attempted to fix her computer. When I couldn’t, we took it to Best Buy. Then we went to California Tortilla. It’s a little expensive, but great food. You could equate it to a really nice Salsarita’s. We went home after that and Alex came over almost as soon as I got back.

Alex and I hung around my house for a bit and played ping pong and air hockey, then I called Jenn to see if she wanted to go see Breach with us. I picked her up and we went to the theater. It felt like about twenty five below with the wind chill. The movie was pretty good, though. A little depressing, but hey it wasn’t a chick flick for once, and considering I was with two chicks, I can’t complain at all. Afterwards, we went to Starbucks and Allie and Clem showed up. I drove Jenn home and met them back at my house. It ended up that Clem had a problem and had to be driven home… I’ll just leave it at she didn’t feel good at all. So anyway they went back to Allie’s house. I thought that was the end of a busy day, but oh no. Fifteen minutes later Alex called me and asked if she could come back over around 11:00. I thought this was somewhat odd for her, so I said sure, why not. I knew something was up. Sure enough, she broke it off with Alex. But I’m honestly proud of her for doing it. She deserves much better than how he’s treating her lately. So we talked it out and watched Family Guy and talked about the podcast we’re starting, and all was seemingly well with the world.

Monday brought a surprise trip to Patomac Mills. Translation? My mom and sister had Shopapalooza 2007. She claimed it was only a little north of King’s Dominion. Try closer to metro Washington, D.C. I was so hungry for lunch I just about started munching on my left hand. It wasn’t bad… they made quick work of the two hundred some stores up there and I bought some cheap closeout clothes. Hey, why not. After that, we headed over to Ikea. That’s the biggest, most amazing store I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely insane. Three levels of furniture and home design stuff that goes on as far as you can see. It’s actually pretty cool. Lots of modern stuff. Maybe one day when I have my own house I’ll be able to afford some stuff there and deck my house out.

Today I finished the news intro at school and I think I finally fixed it. I finished editing the publications video, too. That’ll run tomorrow morning on the Wildcat News. Ms. Lyons even cried when she saw it. Not quite sure why, but I think she liked the fact that it showed the yearbook really finally coming together. After school, I jumped with my sister on the trampoline for a little bit, then Jen came over and we went running… eh, sorta. We always end up talking and laughing so much that neither one of us gets that much running in. But hey, at least we walk and do some kind of physical activity. She came back to my house and we whipped up some interesting tasting spaghetti. I say interesting because it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good either. Then we went back to her house to have some cookie cake leftover from all three of her family’s birthdays this past weekend. Makes the running/walking we did so very worthwhile… minus the worthwhile part. Anyway though, pretty good day for a Tuesday.

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