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Amazing Night

By February 21, 2007No Comments

It was a pretty long day. I went in this morning to help out with the news. We couldn’t fix the sound on the new intro I made, but it might work by tomorrow. They showed the video Ms. Lyons got me to make about the publications and a lot of people seemed to like it, not necessarily because of what it was, but mainly the fact that it ate up another ten minutes of class time. Works for me.

Tonight was amazing. I always look forward to Young Life, but tonight was the best night this school year so far probably. I picked up Winston and Sarah, who both went for the first time, and we grabbed some drinks at Starbucks and then went on. Griff was Ferg again and they did the dating game. Alison spoke tonight and it was really great. Nice addition to the regular “raytune” haha. Psh ok no more bad jokes. You kinda had to be there to get it anyway.

Rachel, Jeffrey, Winston, Sarah, and Katie all ended up in my car (it was a tight fit with four in the back!) and I dropped Sarah off at home and we went to Chick-Fil-A to meet up with everyone again. We sang Club songs in the car the whole way there… really loud and obnoxiously of course! It’s more fun that way though! Found out they don’t have 75 cent desserts anymore on Wednesdays. That was a little depressing. So we decided we couldn’t afford (or were to cheap to pay for) $2.50 desserts and passed around Jeffrey’s cookies and cream milkshake. What a an amazingly intelligent idea with that stomach flu thing that’s going around school! But me and Winston eventually got our own ice cream after we had our share of germs. Ben, Rachel, Jeffrey, Katie, and Winston all piled in the car again and we stopped for gas because after all the driving around I was basically trailing home on fumes in the gas tank. We sang all the way home again, too, and by 10:30 I had taken everyone home. Fun night.

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