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Senior Prom

Senior Prom. It’s something no one ever forgets as long as they live. I’m happy to say it will be something I will look back upon years from now and remember how awesome it was. Last year’s Prom was a little lack-lustered, but this year’s was just awesome. Catherine, Taylor, and I met at Dana’s house and took pictures, then we loaded up into my car and went to Acappella. I ate there for Prom last year, so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Best lasagna I’ve had in a long time, not to mention the New York cheesecake for dessert! After dinner, we had plenty of time to kill, and Catherine wanted to arrive “fashionably late.” So, we drove down to the Canal Walk and walked from Dock Street all the way to the Reynolds Metals building, climbing stairs, walking on cobblestone paths, and even going up a dirt embankment. Not a huge problem for Taylor and I, but consider the two wearing high heels. It was interesting. I found lots of different places to sit my camera and took timed shots in different places. They turned out really good, check out my new albums for photos! So we got to the Omni around 8:30 and kind of hung around the concourse upstairs until the dancing really got into full swing. It was hot as all get out in there, so we danced some and came out for a breather every few songs. We all had a lot of fun, though.

After Prom, we went to Dana’s to change, then Party All Night at Deep Run. First order of business? Eat! Dana and I scarfed down Chick-Fil-A and pizza, then we all went and played Blackjack. I was doing pretty well, but I went all in and lost it all eventually when we got tired of playing. We did this inflatable thing that really has no point. It was a round purple thing with a target in the middle and you just jump around and get dizzy. So pointless, but so fun. After eating yet again, we all went into the auditorium and Brian Brushwood did his bizarre magic show. He ate fire, got out of a straitjacket, did an ESP demonstration, and lots of other cool stuff. Then they gave out prizes. I won the VCU basket, which was nice because it had a lot of the stuff I planned on buying soon in it.

So now here I sit, still flying high on caffeine and adrenaline, at 5:02 AM. There’s no point in trying to sleep, I’ve got plenty to do today between church commitments and other stuff. But I guess what I wanted to get across most is that lately, a lot of things I’ve looked forward to have ended up disappointing me or just not living up to the expectations I had for them. Prom was not one of those things. I can’t think of a better way to finish out high school than by having the amazing night I had.

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