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Slowing It Down In Nags Head

I’ve been in Nags Head on the Outer Banks with Jen and her family and Allie for the past week. I’m still there as I’m writing this. I just packed my car and we’re headed out in about an hour as soon as everyone else is ready. It’s been a really great week. I haven’t been this relaxed in a long, long time. See, when my family and I go to the beach with everyone like my grandparents and cousins, we’re always doing something. Going, going, going. We go out to dinner every single night, go see the sights and attractions, shop, and what have you. We haven’t done that at all down here and it’s been so nice. I’ve been down here more times than I can count… I’ve been coming at least once or sometimes twice a year for nineteen years, and I can’t remember the last time I just chilled on the beach for the whole week. It was the nicest thing just to do so something unstructured and unplanned. We were in this little oceanfront cottage in Nags Head as opposed to the huge Corolla houses my family and I usually stay in. This was much more fitting and it didn’t seem so overwhelming of a house. I loved it.

Still, I’m looking forward to getting back home and hanging out with a lot of people I haven’t seen in a good while when I get there!

This really is turning out to be the best summer of my life thus far.

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