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Thoughts On VCU

It’s almost 1:00 in the morning. I’m getting up for VCU orientation at 6:00 AM. I should be asleep. But as I lay here in bed with my laptop with what I can only describe as some kind of heartburn like out of one of those stupid acid reflux commercials featuring the people who resemble different foods. But I digress.

Besides the fact that I’ve eaten so horribly lately and caused stuff like this to happen, the other reason I’m awake is I have a lot to think about. In just about a month, I’ll be a college student. I’m living at home the first year, but everything is still going to change. I’m a little anxious.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I listed History as my major on my application because I submitted a portfolio of related stuff I’ve done over the years (if you know me well, you know what I’m talking aout… the newspaper articles and whatnot). I don’t want to major in History. I want to do either Graphic Design or Film. I’m not sure which yet, but I know I’m not going into History, and I’m going to consequently be sitting through introcutions to what classes I need to take to support what they think is my major of choice.

This summer, though it’s been the best I’ve ever had, has felt so weird. It’s so strange to think I’m not in high school anymore, and I keep forgetting I’m not going back. By the way, all you teachers and guidance counselors that told us that high school would fly by, I have a bone to pick with you. It seemed like an eternity and a half. Freshman year seems like it was in the Dark Ages.

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