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Storm Damage

By August 20, 20072 Comments

Well I finally have a WordPress. I used to have a Blogger. That’s that, no need to elaborate, might as well jump right into things. So last night we had a really bad storm, the third bad one in a week, and probably fifth in a month. The wind was rediculous. The trees were bent sideways and it had to be about 60-70 MPH. We had a gazebo out back by the golf course that we used for parties and get togethers. Notice the past tense “had.” It was bungee corded on all four sides to trees and was a pretty hefty steel structure with a canvas top. It even had a chandelier in the middle. It survived the past few storms, but this one did it in. Here’s a picture of the mess out back. It looks like a tornado came through at first glance.

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