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If I Had $330 Million Dollars

By September 2, 20073 Comments

So last week, driving to and from VCU, I kept seeing the Mega Millions billboard, growing all the way to $330 million by the end of the week. I’ve never played the lottery before, but I decided I just had to this time. First of all I was tempted all week by the billboard, but that’s a heck of a lot of money. I had to play. Friday night after I went out to dinner I bought ten tickets at the Short Pump Shell station, where someone bought a multi-million dollar ticket only a couple months ago. I was feeling lucky! I ended up matching two numbers on one of my tickets, but you need three to win anything. My dad played and won $7 for three numbers. Me? Well I’m just out ten dollars. Oh well. Anywho I kind of thought about what I’d do if I actually won $330 million. Here’s how I’d break it down:

– $50 million for my church (Glen Allen Community Church), who’s vision and goals I share to the deepest extent possible, to start locations and build buildings for any and all of their campuses, and expand the ministries all over Richmond, maybe even the whole state, and beyond
– $40 million to a few charities, distributed equally between the VCU Massey Cancer Center in honor of so many people I’ve known and loved in my life who have died of cancer, the Freedom House Homeless Shelter downtown, the Richmond SPCA, and Young Life because of how much it’s enriched my life and helped so many of my friends come to know Christ
– $10 million for International Christian missions projects especially in Africa, but all around the world
– $10 million to purchase a complete Mac video editing suite in my house and purchase field production equipment, as well as finance my first movie production, in which I’ll promote environmental issues such as stopping global warming
– $5 million to buy my parents, who have always done anything and everything to help me succeed in life, the beach house in the Outer Banks they’ve always wanted and talked about
– $200,000 to put myself as well as my sister through college, with extra money left over for all those extra living expenses life throws your way
– $60,000 for a new fuel-efficient hybrid car to reduce my impact on the environment
– $50,000 to travel all around the world and visit places like Italy, Australia, Greece, Lebanon, (the preceeding two because of their food!), Spain, and a few other places
– The remaining money would be invested and saved for the future

So there you have it… how I would use $330 million dollars! Guess I better keep buying those lotto tickets.

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