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Taking Time To Chill

By October 8, 20072 Comments

I’m so busy lately that I barely have enough time for myself, much less anyone else. Between school, work, and GACC, I’m a busy beaver. This weekend, though, it was nice to just have some time to relax and catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while, as well as the family.

First off, last week, I went to Casa Grande for dinner with Jenn, Winston, and Lizzy, three of my favorite people who I never get to see anymore. I used to pretty much hang out with at least one of them most every day during the summer, so after a month and a half of not seeing them basically at all, it was awesome to get together and catch up.

Friday night, I went to Deep Run’s Homecoming Game. It was great to go back and see everyone and talk about what we’re all up to lately. I’ve gotta say, though, that it was kind of weird at times. While I was glad to see people I haven’t seen since last year, it’s just kind of awkward to walk up to someone and say “hey” and then really not have much of anything to say to them. I didn’t do this, but people did it to me. I mean it’s cool and whatnot, just kinda awkward with certain people. I hate awkward situations and will do anything to avoid them when possible. I equate this thing that was going on to calling someone up on the phone just to say hi… that’s why we have text messaging. Now don’t get me wrong though, I had a great time talking to so many people, but it was just certain people who made things weird.

Saturday, I went out to lunch with my dad, who I rarely see anymore lately. Between my school and work schedules and his work schedule (which often entails going out of town on business trips), we hardly ever see each other. It was really nice to get to talk to him for once.

Saturday night, I went to see “The Heartbreak Kid” with Megan and Tori. The plot just sucked. I’ll go ahead and ruin it for you since it’s not worth your time anyway. Ben Stiller marries this girl after only knowing her a few months, then she annoys the crap outta him on their honeymoon, so he cheats (emotionally, not physically) with another girl who thinks his wife has died. And repeat. Same thing over again. That’s how it ended. Go spend nine bucks on something else. Had fun hanging out with Megan and Tori, though.

Sunday, I did Tech Team Leader duty at GACC South Side, then headed straight out to the State Fair with the family. Brooke and her friend went to the Jonas Brothers concert after a little while (by the way… a couple thousand pre-teen girls screaming at the top of their lungs for an hour, non-stop… even way away from that amphitheater… is absolutely excruciating. It’s this shrill, awful sound I can’t even describe). I got bored waiting around for my sister and her friend to get out of the concert with my parents, so I left. Randomly happened to see Becca and Megan out there before I did, though!

So I went straight over to GACC for Christian Community with Tori. The Praise Band was even more incredible than usual. I always feel the presence of God there during services, but wow, I really felt it last night.After the service, Tori, Anthony, the Phillips Family, and myself went to Nonna’s Pizza and had dinner. It was fun.

So now, it’s Monday night, and I’ve been at VCU just shy of twelve hours. I got here at 11:30 AM and it’s now 11:00 PM. I’m with Jen. We’re at the library and she’s finishing up a paper. I’m exhausted, but I wouldn’t even think of going home, though, because I’m not leaving my best friend down here alone! She needs me here to keep interrupting her every two minutes and keep her from finishing the darn thing. Right Jen?

Anyway, it’s off to work tomorrow, then maybe out to dinner. I have a really interesting post about something I’ve thought a lot about lately that I’ll hopefully write about in the next couple days.

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