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Drillbit Taylor – Review

By March 27, 200827 Comments

WARNING: Spoiler Review! If you haven’t seen this movie and plan on it, you’ve been warned.

I went to see Drillbit Taylor the other night. Starring Owen Wilson, the film portrays a laid back homeless man (Drillbit Taylor) who is trying to make it to Canada to start a new life. With no other options for a job, Taylor hears about three high school freshmen who need an affordable body guard to protect them from the wrath of some older bullies at school. He comes to their school and blends in as a teacher, even dating one of the other teachers. His laziness and lack of attention leads to his non-effectiveness as a body guard.

He proceeds to train the three boys to defend themselves, but his tactics prove unsuccessful. In order to make more money, Taylor claims to need to collect defense supplies from the boys’ houses to use in training, but instead pawns them at a local shop.

I was pleasantly surprised at how great this movie was, and found myself laughing hysterically throughout a lot of the film. Still, it was a little long and drawn out. If you’re looking for a great laugh-out-loud comedy, definitely check this one out.

Overall rating:

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