Powerful Lifehouse Drama About Life’s Temptations

A friend of mine showed me this video clip yesterday and it was so incredibly powerful it brought me to tears. It literally sends chills down my spine. It’s amazingly impacting. Watch for yourself and see if it doesn’t do the same thing to you. It’s all about a girl’s struggle with so many things that took her away from the unwavering love of Jesus. She’s pushed down by so many negative influences, but in the end she realizes He is always there with open arms to take her back and make her new again. We’ve all done this and I have certainly done this myself, and it’s the most incredible feeling in the world to know that God is always there to catch you when you fall or go astray.

You can check out the video below. It’s done to the music of the Lifehouse song “Everything.” Please give it a watch. I promise it will be well worth your time.



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  • rochelle says:

    this is an old drama. WEAG’s youth choir used to do this on choir tours, only we used a guy instead of a girl and used sound effects/music and added props/costumes. (maybe they did to but someone edited to lifehouse.)

    one of my favorite dramas of all time hands down.
    it’s way better live.

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