God Help Us All, Dollar Tree Now Sells Meat

By May 21, 2008 4 Comments

You’ve got to be kidding me. I like Dollar Tree for some things, but this is ridiculous. This is an actual newspaper ad I scanned in from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Dollar Tree is now offering hot dogs and even, get this, steaks! How much? A dollar, of course. Just like everything else. Does this not scare and worry anyone else? I was already weary of buying meat at Food Lion, but this makes them look pretty good. Also, notice the top right hand corner. Dollar Tree is apparently “graduation party headquarters?” Well of course! Wow, this is like one of those headlines people send in to Jay Leno.

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  • Annonymous says:


  • Hoo says:

    I would NEVER buy meat from there!

  • Dad says:

    Price check- How much for the steaks on isle 2?
    Didn’t you catch it? since when does Dollar Tree have a “frozen food isle?”

    What other delicacies might they have in that isle for $1?

    One can only hope for some $1 fish fillets next!

  • Mom & Grandma says:

    wow…frozen from year ??? 2009 1/2…going to go see this…what kind of steak is this…??? oh dear…
    I don't want to be mean but does this steak come from Japan? left overs from earthquake??? I just do not get it…???

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