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In Remembrance Of “Miss Kitty”

By August 30, 200816 Comments

My dear next door neighbor, affectionately known as “Miss Kitty,” passed away this past Wednesday morning after putting up a long and brave fight with various types of cancer over the past few years. She was always smiling and very friendly. Her biggest passion in life was tending to her immaculately-manicured garden that encompasses the entire house, and she could be seen outside doing just that from sun up to sundown.

She loved gardening so much that she just couldn’t wait to get started in the morning. I remember many early mornings seeing her outside in her nightgown watering plants, probably because she was just so passionate about her garden, she couldn’t even wait to get dressed first! On that note, I think she has a lot to teach us all about life. You’ve gotta do what you love and find your passions in life. So maybe it wasn’t her occupation, but how many of us can say we have jobs that we wake up to each morning that we’re so excited about that we sometimes go to work in our PJs? Probably not too many.

At Kitty’s request, her ashes will be spread over her garden, and I can’t think of anything more symbolic of her life. She will be greatly missed by all. A snapshot of her sprawling garden and beautiful backyard can be seen below.

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