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New Home Demolition: Our “Throw-Away” Society

By March 16, 2009 2 Comments

This is an absolutely disgusting example of how much of a “throw-away” society America has become. It’s one thing to tear down an old, non-historic house that’s beyond repair, but this is just a blatant waste. According to the video description, the house you’re about to see being demolished was torn down because the new owners didn’t like the house itself, only the lot. It can’t be more than 10-15 years old and it’s a gorgeous house that must be close to, if not more than, a million dollars. Once again, it’s one thing if you’re talking about a multi-million dollar oceanfront lot, but this one just appears to be in the middle of a typical neighborhood.

I hope the owners are ashamed of the wastefulness of their demolition project. It just further solidifies my opinion that we don’t value anything anymore. Just throw it away and get another one. Maybe that’s why we’re in such a mess ecomonically speaking right now, or why we’re in the midst of climate change. We always seem to think there’s endless resources out there. But I digress. It’s ridiculous nothing in this entire house was saved or reused. I’ve seen much older houses that were being demolished have almost everything stripped out of them first to be reused or recycled. Nothing in this house appears to have been salvaged. Shameful. Watch the video below. I’m sure you’ll agree in some way or another.

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  • This just happened to my parents in Atlanta. Their 45-year old house wasn’t even on the market but some rich dude wanted the lot to be near his buddies and his golf course. He stroked a big check that was too much for my parents to refuse. They are moving out soon and the demolition will begin right after that. I’m sure the new owners are going to build a monstrosity.

    The Building Materials Reuse Association (http://www.bmra.org/) and others make it easy to donate or sell perfectly recyclable lumber, concrete, pipes, windows, etc.

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