First RVA Social Media Club (SMCRVA) Meeting

I went to the first RVA Social Media Club (SMCRVA) last night at Morton’s Steakhouse downtown. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I walked in the door, I knew I had just entered the best business networking event in Richmond. I had the opportunity to put a lot of names with faces from people I follow on Twitter (maybe a more appropriate name for the organization would be “Richmond Twitter Club!”), as well as catch up with some old friends. It was an all-around great night, albeit a bit overwhelming with around 150 people in the room to meet. I think the first night was a great success and is just the beginning of big things to come from this organization. The networking opportunities are awesome. It really makes Richmond feel like one big family of friends.

I’m really amazed at what’s happened to Twitter over the past year or so. Back when I first got my account, well over a year ago, it was a novelty service. No one I knew was really on it, but that was the coolest thing about it. I got to know so many interesting people in Richmond and around the world, and even had “tweetups” (Twitter terminology for “meetups”) with some of the nice folks I met on the service. Now, though, everyone is on Twitter. Businesses are beginning to realize what great benefits social media has and they’re all jumping on the bandwagon. Twitter is just one big social experiment if you ask me, opening the doors to a new way to exchange news, ideas, support and business information in under 140 characters. Richmond is becoming a lot more close-knit because of it, and that’s a really cool thing in this day in age where everyone’s always on the go.

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  • Mighty Casey says:

    Perfectly stated – I arrive on Twitter a little over a year ago, and pretty quickly realized the power of the app. Last night was a great example of how social networking can enhance community, particularly considering the number of people who showed up. We’re a small city, but RVA’s got a number of very social-media savvy peeps who are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other SM apps in new and creative ways.

    Invite ’em all to a party, and dang if most of ’em don’t show up!

  • Trevor, I just came across this old blog post! I completely agree. This was the night that made me really happy to be in social media because I finally got to meet all of my 'tweeps in person. And, oh, what a great group it is! I remember, this is how you and I met for the first time in person. And I'm so happy I got to met you!

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