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Operation Turtlesaurus Removal

This weekend was just total insanity. Went to Alisa’s lake house in Hollywood, Maryland with Chad and Deanna and met up with others. Let me just start by saying you have not been on a road trip until you go with Chad Brown. Nor have you ever been out of town and wished you had your car more. But I digress.

Between the lake house, a sporadic trip to Arlington & DC for the night, and an overdose of hilarity from the things I witnessed that could only be described as scenes from an upcoming Hangover 3 (for example, Scott’s phone ended up in New Jersey without him… so yeah, there’s that).

But out of all that happened, perhaps the highlight of the weekend was Saturday evening. A bunch of us were sitting outside on the screened porch watching a really bad thunderstorm roll through. Suddenly, Scott pokes his head outside and informs us, very┬ánonchalantly, that “a very large live animal” is in the house.

What happened next could only be compared to the scene in Christmas Vacation where the squirrel pops out of the Christmas tree– complete with all of us running up and down the stairs trying to figure out what to do.

What was in the house? A huge, smelly snapping turtle decided to pop in when the storm blew in the French doors downstairs. What happened next can be seen in the below video.


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