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Iron Man – Review

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I went to see Iron Man last night. Robert Downy, Jr. stars as Tony Stark, a genius inventor who’s come up with numerous revolutionary military solutions for the United States’ defense and war use. After hostile forces kidnap him from the military convoy he’s riding in, the only way for him to live is for him to build a super intelligent rocket system to be used by the enemy against the United States. He instead builds a computerized suit of armor and becomes Iron Man.

The plot in this movie was action-packed and fact-paced. Downy shines in this role and gives the movie an edgy tone. The special effects, explosions, and other CGI were well done. I’ve always gone into the superhero movies of the past few years thinking I won’t like them, but have always ended up impressed. This movie was no exception. For great action and suspense, check this one out. Oh, and stick around after the credits for a bonus scene and lead-in to Iron Man 2, scheduled for release on April 30, 2010.

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I Am Legend – Review

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I went to see “I Am Legend” last night with Jen, Tori, and Shawn. It was very well done. Will Smith stars as military “top dog” Robert Neville, who is living in New York City in 2009, and is responsible for finding a cure to a rapidly-spreading mutating disease that is wiping out all of mankind worldwide. It started out as a supposed cure to cancer and killed off 99% of all humans. The other 1% took on zombie/vampire-like characteristics and fed on the few remaining people immune to the disease- all that is, except for Robert and his dog. He strives to find a cure to the disease, all the while dodging the “dark people” (they die instantly when exposed to any source of light) and searching for any other remaining survivors. Two survivors from Maryland, Anna (played by Alice Braga) and her son Ethan (played by Charlie Tahan), heard his all-call for survivors over the radio and came to his rescue right as he was about to kill himself after losing all hope. Robert eventually gives his life for the cause of finding a cure, and when he does, Anna and Ethan travel to a colony in Vermont where the last remaining normal people are, and take with them a vile of Robert’s blood, which promises to cure the “dark people.”

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P2 – Review

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I went to see P2 tonight with Tori. I haven’t seen a good thriller lately. I knew it would be suspenseful, but this movie had me clinching my fists and on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The whole thing starts out in a New York City office building. The main character, Angela, is working late on Christmas Eve and ventures down to her car alone, in the parking deck underground on level P2. When her car won’t start, she seeks the assistance of the security guard, Tom, who seems friendly enough at first. After pretending to try to jumpstart her car, he locks the door to the building exit without her knowledge as she waits for a cab. When she goes back down to the parking lot, he drugs her and puts together a Christmas meal for the two of them in the security office while she’s unconscious.

The movie gets gruesome when Tom takes a man who hit on Angela after drinking at the office Christmas party and duct tapes him to an office chair, then proceeds to ram him into the concrete wall with his car, in an effort to “help” her, as he says throughout the movie. There are a lot of other gruesome scenes after that, but it was a really well-made movie. I won’t completely give away the entire plot. If you’re looking for some good suspense, check this movie out.

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