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Alice Braga

I Am Legend – Review

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I went to see “I Am Legend” last night with Jen, Tori, and Shawn. It was very well done. Will Smith stars as military “top dog” Robert Neville, who is living in New York City in 2009, and is responsible for finding a cure to a rapidly-spreading mutating disease that is wiping out all of mankind worldwide. It started out as a supposed cure to cancer and killed off 99% of all humans. The other 1% took on zombie/vampire-like characteristics and fed on the few remaining people immune to the disease- all that is, except for Robert and his dog. He strives to find a cure to the disease, all the while dodging the “dark people” (they die instantly when exposed to any source of light) and searching for any other remaining survivors. Two survivors from Maryland, Anna (played by Alice Braga) and her son Ethan (played by Charlie Tahan), heard his all-call for survivors over the radio and came to his rescue right as he was about to kill himself after losing all hope. Robert eventually gives his life for the cause of finding a cure, and when he does, Anna and Ethan travel to a colony in Vermont where the last remaining normal people are, and take with them a vile of Robert’s blood, which promises to cure the “dark people.”

Overall rating: