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Red Robin Is My New Casa Grande

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I’ve been to Red Robin four times in the past week. I went on Thursday with my mom and sister, Saturday with Tori and Lucy, yesterday with my dad and sister, and tonight with Tori, Jessica, and Anthony. This place is starting to become my new Casa Grande it seems. See I could go to Casa a whole week in a row in the Summer and not think anything of it. However, I never, ever get tired of Casa. I get my standard “Numero Cinco” everytime, too. Still can’t ever get tired of it. It’s two soft beef tacos with double the rice, no beans.

Red Robin, on the other hand, gets old after a while. I get one of two things there. It’s either a bacon cheeseburger with all the fixin’s, or the crispy chicken tender salad with ranch. I’m getting tired of both. See I would always go out with the intent of going to Casa, but not with Red Robin. I’ve just seemed to end up there with whoever I’m eating out with lately.

I joked with Jenn, who’s seemingly always working when I’m there, last time that she was there almost more than me lately. Our server tonight asked if we had been to Red Robin before, and I just laughed and told her it was my fourth time this week. Her response? “Oh, God!” Priceless. It’s time for a new “usual” place to eat at all the time.

P.S. – Pictures from the APVA Award Ceremony and meeting the governor will be posted tomorrow!

Restaurant Review – Fast Eddie’s Jukebox Cafe

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I had the opportunity to check out Fast Eddie’s Jukebox Cafe last night with Allie. It’s located on Broad Street in Centerville (somewhat across from Bogey’s Sports Park). It’s basically an old house converted into a restaurant. It’s had a bunch of other names in the past few years, such as The Bungalow Grill, Diner 250, and most recently, Grandpa Eddie’s BBQ. The last time I went it was The Bungalow Grill. I’m not sure if the place has changed hands or not, but I couldn’t believe how much better it was. The first thing I noticed was the friendly staff. We were greeted and seated by the very friendly owner, and our waitress was one of the nicest I’ve encountered in a long, long time. The next thing was the decor. The place has been totally redone and looks like an old-time diner. It’s a small place, but still open and inviting.

One unique thing about Fast Eddie’s is what they serve before the meal. While most places will bring out rolls or some other kind of bread, they serve you a basket of buttered popcorn! Very unusual, but what a cool idea. It was a little too salty, but props for the uniqueness. Allie and I both started with a cup of chicken noodle soup. There’s nothing better on one of the coldest days of Winter. I ordered meatloaf for my entree. This had to be the best meatloaf I think I’ve had in years. It was encrusted in what I think was brown sugar, giving it just a hint of sweetness. The macaroni and cheese was delectable, and the green beans were seasoned to perfection. Allie got a chop steak covered in gravy much in the style of Salisbury steak and enjoyed her meal as well.

The bill was pretty reasonable for all the food we ordered, coming out to about $15 a person for soup, entrees, sides, and drinks. The portions are pretty generous, too. I love places like Fast Eddie’s because all I ever go to is chain restaurants with cookie-cutter menus, less than friendly staff, and mediocre service. All three were extraordinary here. If you’re looking for something different and unique in the Short Pump area and would appreciate some home-style cooking and friendly service, definitely check out Fast Eddie’s Jukebox Cafe.

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