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Celebrating Easter

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It’s today that we celebrate that Christ, who died for all of our sins, rose again. Take the time today to remember and celebrate all He has done for all of us and in your own life personally. But it really is something to be joyful about. I know it’ll be a party at RCC this morning at the services (and when I say party, I mean that they really get into it, even more so today than usual, and it’s very impacting and powerful)! Happy Easter, everyone!

Where My Peeps At?

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Easter just wouldn’t be the same without Marshmallow Peeps. So I’m sure many of you know the theory that you can microwave marshmallows and they either expand exponentially, explode, or in this case, just make a huge mess. Here’s what happens when you put a pack of Marshmallow Peeps in the microwave. It almost looks like nachos and cheese or something. Not recommended!