Fall Festivities

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So I pretty much ate my way through Halloween this year, even more than usual. There was a floor-wide party at work with five conference rooms decked out with every kind of Halloween decoration you could imagine, and more food than I could even comprehend. We’re not just talking candy. Each room looked like a mini Golden Corral. It was great.

Later on, I went over to the church to help out with Fall Fest. It turned out great. I went around filming everyone enjoying the carnival games and all the inflatables. Pastor Alan estimates there were 850+ people this year. Wow… great turnout!

Below are pictures from both events. I didn’t have my camera, so I just snapped some shots on my iPhone. They’re decent, but some are blurry.

Attorney General’s Office Party:

Richmond Community Church’s Fall Fest:

Tori’s New Blog

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After I figured out the whole (complicated) deal with hosting WordPress on my own server, I helped Tori do the same. Her blog, “Thoughts of a Quiet Dreamer,” is now hosted at her own domain name. She writes a lot of insightful, thought-provoking posts. Be sure to check out her blog at blog.toricarol.com!