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Nutty Northern Virginians

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So I drove up to IKEA today to get the desk I wanted that wasn’t available when I got the rest of my furniture a couple of weeks ago. First off, let me say you should never go to IKEA alone if you’re planning on buying anything. I had to get someone to watch my stuff twice while I backed my car up to the loading area. Anyway, I don’t know how I could ever live up there. For one, there’s just too many people. Secondly, the majority of them are really bad drivers. I had to go about 75 MPH consistently to keep up with the flow of traffic, and I was still practically getting run over by the cars behind me. Not a few, but literally the majority of the people on Interstate 95 were going at least 85 or 90 MPH. It was ridiculous. Got my stuff, though. The room’s almost complete. All I have left to do now is put up the wallpaper border I got and I’ll be finished! Pictures coming very, very soon.


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So 2008 is still nearly a month and a half away, but I have a lot of short and long term goals that I’m going to start taking the initiative to achieve even before next year. Here are my big two right now: 

Find a new job: I wasn’t able to get renewed at the Attorney General’s Office because of budget constraints and my last day is November 30th.

Finish cleaning out my room and start painting it so I can get new furniture: I have junk in boxes still from as far back as middle school. It’s ridiculous. I’ve pretty much cleaned everything out, now I need to paint. After that, I’m getting all new furniture from IKEA. I’m still sleeping in the same hard-as-a-rock twin size bed I’ve had since I was six or seven. And if I move out sometime soon, I’ll have new stuff to take with me.

I’ve got a lot of other changes and improvements I want to make in my life, but doing these two will really get the ball rolling on the rest of the stuff.