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Happy Singles Awareness Day! (And An Exploration Of Little-Known February Holidays)

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It’s Valentine’s Day. I’ve never liked it, and I don’t know that I ever will. It’s just another one of those “Hallmark Holidays” if you ask me (I know, there are far worse holidays that I think actually were invented by the card company, including such ridiculous things as Boss’s Day, Sister Day, Brother Day, etc.), where Hallmark banks on selling a lot of cards (I think FTD, the floral people, are in on the scheme, too), making single people feel inadequate, and complicating relationships because it brings a certain level of expectation that  a guy or girl should do something for the big day. For example, whether to go out for a nice dinner or get flowers, etc. This is even more sticky of a situation for people in those situations where you’re sort of dating, sort of not, and you have no idea what is expected. I’ve been there and done that, believe me. It sucks. Let’s move on to February 15th, please.

Singles Awareness Day ((SAD)… how do you like that acronym, huh?) is what I like to call today, and why not let it be a real holiday? There are plenty of other really stupid holidays floating around aimlessly on our national calendar. (In case you were wondering, it’s National Pet Dental Health Month, for example… come on, seriously?) Here are just a few more holidays I looked up that fall in the month of February, just for laughs:

  • Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
  • Laugh And Get Rich Day (huh? If this were true, I’d be a multi-billionaire as much as I laugh)
  • Pro Sports Wives Day (oh come on)
  • Get A Different Name Day (how about “Find Something Else To Give Its Own Day T0” Day)
  • Ferris Wheel Day (why?)
  • Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day (so random)
  • National Tooth Fairy Day (seriously?)
  • International Pancake Day (I actually participated in this at IHOP on Tuesday… free pancakes!)
  • Clam Chowder Day (hmm ok)

Get real, people. (Oh, and Happy Singles Awareness Day!)

Shopping = DEATH!

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So our family friend from Charlottesville, Sue, stayed with us last night and the night before after coming down for our Christmas party. As you could imagine, there’s not a whole lot of places to shop in Charlottesville. It’s not the boondocks, but there’s a lot more places in Short Pump. So naturally, Sue wanted to do some Christmas shopping while she was down here. Her and my mom were going to go, but I decided to go along too because I really hadn’t bought much of anything for the people I planned on buying for this year.

As a side note, it’s important to realize that guys don’t shop. We hunt, we gather, we buy. If we must enter the doors of a retail building, we are there on a mission and know exactly what we want. We’re not there to leisurely browse through aisle after aisle looking for “cute shoes” or a “trendy top.” Don’t get in our way because we’re making a beeline for the thing we want to purchase and then we’re getting out and going forth with our lives.

Anyway, I could almost feel my soul being sucked right out of my body after hours of this thing they call shopping. I think it’s some kind of natural reaction you hear about from caveman days where your body just shuts itself down as a preventative measure when you are exposed to such preposterous things as “buy one get one free” sales and “blue light specials.”

Where did we go? Well, here’s the complete rundown: Ben Franklin, Grapevine II for lunch, Men’s Wearhouse, CompUSA, Kohl’s, Dollar Tree, Barnes & Noble, Hallmark, H&M, American Eagle, New York & Company, Urban Outfitters, Firebird’s for dinner, Circuit City, and Starbucks.

Yes, I made the best of it and got a good amount of stuff for friends and family, and yes, it was good to see Sue and spend the day with her and my mom, but I was worn out by the end of the day. I do feel good that I actually put some time and thought into my gifts this year and didn’t opt for the typical present of gift cards that I often get.