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Flock – The Social Web Browser

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I heard about a relatively new web browser today designed for today’s increasingly interactive interweb (screenshot from my computer above). The advent of Web 2.0 has brought a new meaning to the web. There’s an increasing amount of interconnectivity between different Web 2.0-based social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter. This browser, Flock, connects them all together into one easy-to-use browser. Once you set up your accounts, there are tabs in a sidebar that allow you to simultaneously access each of the aforementioned social networking sites.

Friends’ updates appear instantly, and you can click “media” next to their status updates to see their photos in the media bar (the dark area with photos at the top of the browser in the screenshot). There’s even one-click access to create a new blog post in your blog once you set it up. I tried using that for my blog, and although it worked, it lacked the functionality I need to add formatting and other elements such as pictures to my posts. Their blog editor is very basic.

I use Safari currently, but thought I’d give Flock a try. I’m impressed by the interconnectivity and this is a great idea for people such as myself who are [way too] connected to Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube and find themselves multitasking multiple social networking sites at once. I’m not sure if I’ll keep using it or just stick with Safari, mainly because I already have Safari set up just how I like it, but we’ll see. It’s a very cool concept and has Firefox-like theme and extension features. It’s available for download on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Give it a try, eh?

Lifehouse Concert

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I went to the Lifehouse concert downtown at The National with my friends Monica, Sarah, and Katelin Monday night. Genius here forgot to charge his camera. I realized it was completely dead when I got there, but this is me we’re talking about. I’m not at all surprised. It’s a daily occurrence. Either way, I snapped a few decent pictures with the iPhone.

The concert was incredible. Matt Nathanson and Honey Honey opened up for them. Honey Honey was pretty good, but Matt Nathanson was awesome. I had only heard one song of his before the show (“Car Crash”) and expected him to be pretty low-key and rather acoustic. That was definitely not the case. He rocked out. I’m talking hardcore. Lifehouse was terrific of course. Even more so than I expected, though. Here’s a few very vibrant (they put on a pretty cool light show, too) pictures from the concert:

Shutter – Review

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WARNING: Spoiler Review! If you haven’t seen this movie and plan on it, you’ve been warned.

Joshua Jackson plays Benjamin Shaw in this suspenseful drama that follows a couple on their honeymoon to Japan. Shaw is a professional photographer and plans on working while they’re on their trip. The couple hits a girl walking down the road to the cabin they’ll be staying in for the week with their car and feel horrible about it.

Then the couple begins to experience paranormal behavior when they take pictures at the cabin and notice strange things in the pictures when they’re developed. The first picture seems to resemble a ghastly looking woman kissing Shaw. The paranormal pictures just get more and more haunting from there.

In the end, it is revealed that the girl in all the pictures is a woman who Shaw dated before he met his wife who became obsessed with him. When he didn’t return her love, she stalked him and would not leave him alone. In a flashback, you see that one night in the past, under the influence of alcohol, he drugged the woman and posed her with friends of his for scandalous pictures. She is killed and it’s revealed later that she comes back to haunt Shaw and his wife only to warn her of his past evil ways that she would have otherwise never known about.

Overall rating:

Spontenaity: Outer Banks Day Trip

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Life is short. It’s the little things, the random things, the crazy things, and the fun things you remember the most. I had planned on going to Virginia Beach for the day with Allie, but we decided to veer off Interstate 64 and go down Highway 168 all the way to the Outer Banks. I know, we thought this was crazy at first just to go for the day, but let me tell you, it was well worth the drive (by the way, I clocked 526 miles total in my car today!).First we stopped in one of my all-time favorite restaurants for lunch in Kitty Hawk, The Black Pelican, a few mileposts south of the junction on Route 12 (the beach road). The food was excellent as usual. Afterwards, we headed south on 168 and stopped in Kill Devil Hills to climb Jockey’s Ridge. It’s the largest set of sand dunes anywhere on the eastern seaboard, and I’ve climbed them dozens of times, but I never get tired of it. Next, we grabbed a few things to take home from Kitty Hawk Kites across the street, then made our way north on 12 all the way to Duck. After finding no ice cream places open because it’s the off-season, we settled for donuts and bagels from Harris Teeter and took them with us and walked down to the beach for a few minutes, but it was a bit nippy out, especially with a brisk wind coming off the Atlantic. So we decided to head back down south to Barefoot Bernie’s for dinner. We both love this place and had to go back. They have the best seared ahi (sushi-like) tuna I’ve had anywhere. It was absolutely delicious. After that we drove over the bridge to Roanoke Island and through the quaint town of Manteo. It’s so peaceful and serene, yet so close to the busyness and action of the Outer Banks. I’d love to live there.

So by this time it was 7:00 (we’d been there since 12:30 and packed a whole of stuff in!). It was time to head back home, but it was cool that we were able to go all the way to the Outer Banks and do so many fun (even though somewhat random) things in one day.

I’m so glad we went here on a whim instead of just Virginia Beach. I know we had so much more fun than we would have in the first location. It also felt good to do all of this without any kind of plan whatsoever. I’m sick and tired of planning and scheduling things all the time lately, so it was nice just to not worry about anything and go where ever we felt like going, do whatever we felt like doing, and not even worry about what time it was all day long.

I think life is way too short to live inside the constraints and boundaries other people set up for you, especially when they’re driving you a little nutty. I think I’m going to start being more spontaneous and doing whatever more often. It’s just part of who I am and I’ve suppressed it for way too long.

More pictures from the trip will be uploaded to Flickr soon!

Irrational Illustrations: False Advertising

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I’ve created a lot of funny, sometimes stupid or ridiculous, Photoshop creations over the past few years, and hope to post one every week or two for your enjoyment. I’m calling them Irrational Illustrations. The first one is rather recent. I always drove past the pictured billboard on Interstate 95 on my way to VCU, so I went out and snapped a picture of it, added a touch of humor and a hint of sarcasm (Wow I’m never, ever, ever sarcastic on here at all!) </sarcasm>, and voila! You have yourself a case of false advertising! Get the facts straight, AT&T, geeze!

(View Full Size Image Here)

Red Robin Is My New Casa Grande

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I’ve been to Red Robin four times in the past week. I went on Thursday with my mom and sister, Saturday with Tori and Lucy, yesterday with my dad and sister, and tonight with Tori, Jessica, and Anthony. This place is starting to become my new Casa Grande it seems. See I could go to Casa a whole week in a row in the Summer and not think anything of it. However, I never, ever get tired of Casa. I get my standard “Numero Cinco” everytime, too. Still can’t ever get tired of it. It’s two soft beef tacos with double the rice, no beans.

Red Robin, on the other hand, gets old after a while. I get one of two things there. It’s either a bacon cheeseburger with all the fixin’s, or the crispy chicken tender salad with ranch. I’m getting tired of both. See I would always go out with the intent of going to Casa, but not with Red Robin. I’ve just seemed to end up there with whoever I’m eating out with lately.

I joked with Jenn, who’s seemingly always working when I’m there, last time that she was there almost more than me lately. Our server tonight asked if we had been to Red Robin before, and I just laughed and told her it was my fourth time this week. Her response? “Oh, God!” Priceless. It’s time for a new “usual” place to eat at all the time.

P.S. – Pictures from the APVA Award Ceremony and meeting the governor will be posted tomorrow!