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MacBook Air Parody

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So the MacBook Air started shipping yesterday, and frankly I’m not at all impressed. Sure, it’s then, but at what cost? There’s no disc drive (even though it can uses another computer’s drive over your home network, but that’s kind of rediculous), there’s very limited ports, and all for roughly the same price at the only slightly thicker, power and feature packed MacBook Pro. But hey, I mean it fits in a manilla envelope. That’s worth $3,000, right? Ha.

Snow Day Squabbling

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So this kid in Fairfax just to our north called up a school board member recently and left a message asking if there was school or if it was canceled because of snow. His wife then called back and left a mean and nasty message for him. It’ll be interesting to see if any disciplinary action will be taken against him simply because of his wife’s actions. Someone took the phone call and animated it. Pretty funny, but wow, what an angry message!

Music Monday: Linkin Park – “Shadow Of The Day”

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Linkin Park has done it again. Another great song. The music video is really powerful, too. It says a lot about the fragile state our world is in today, with all the hate and violence that abounds in many places. It’s kind of depressing, but still a really great song. It’s off their album, entitled “Minutes To Midnight,” which also says a lot about the state of the world, in it’s eleventh hour so to speak I guess. Anyway, give it a watch and listen.

Short Pump House Demolition

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Everyone remember the house across from Barnes & Noble on Broad Street? It was the last one on that stretch of road in Short Pump. Well, the owner, Raymond Haithcock, decided it was time to move on, and is leasing the land for a new development. I don’t know what it is, but I love seeing heavy machinery tear things down. I was able to capture the entire house demolition start to finish, on September 13. I just now figured out how to export the file to fit on YouTube. I had two cameras, one in hand used to walk around the perimeter of the house as it was being demolished and capture it from different angles, and one fixed in the median of Broad Street on a tripod to get a time-lapse shot of the entire thing (shown at the end). The video is set to Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” quite appropriately. I love this stuff. I hope you have as much fun watching it as I did making it!

Thousands Of Swarming Birds – Is This Normal?

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So I know birds flock together to go south and things like that, but this was just ridiculous. I heard this chirping sound and looked out the window to find thousands upon thousands of little black birds swarming through my backyard. I grabbed my camera and took some footage. At one point there were so many of them that they nearly blacked out the sky. Is this normal? I don’t know much about birds but you don’t see this too often. It looked like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” Here’s the video.

The True Meaning Of Christmas

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With just a couple days left until Christmas, and the hecticness that brings, it’s important to remember the true meaning of Christmas: that God sent his one and only son to save us all from our sinful ways. In lieu of the Song Of The Week, watch this powerful video of a little boy named Logan calling into a Christian radio station who reminds us of the real reason for the season.